Internet cafés

  • What is an Internet café?

    A simple cafe in which customers pay to use computer terminals to access the Internet as well as telephone, photocopying and fax facilities.

  • Safe banking at Internet cafés

    Internet cafés can often be a convenient place to do your Internet banking, but beware: these computers are used anonymously and are often targeted by criminals who load spyware onto them.

  • What does the spyware do?

    Spyware (key logger) records keystrokes typed on a keyboard and takes screenshots at regular intervals. It can record private login details for Internet banking profiles, email account profiles, Facebook profiles etc.

    It then forwards the recorded details to the attacker(s), enabling them to log in to your profiles. They could use this information to steal your identity or for other criminal intent such as accessing your bank account online.

  • Where should I do my banking?

    If you cannot reach your own trusted computer to make that urgent payment or check your balances, rather use a mobile banking app (Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows Phone), telephone banking, an ATM or your closest branch.