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PC Security overview

  • We’ll help you make sure you’re safe as can be

    We take your online security very seriously and do our best to ensure the integrity of the security features required for Internet banking are kept at the highest standards. However, having strong security controls on our Internet banking system alone isn't always sufficient to protect against online fraud. It is also important that you secure your own environment.

    Our e-commerce security team found a number of flaws on some personal computers they investigated. These flaws made the PCs vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • The incorrect updating or configuration of your operating system, e.g.:
    • Unpatched operating systems
    • Use of illegal software
    • Incorrectly configured systems
    • Use of flawed operating systems, which makes your security controls ineffective

    Gathering this information presents us with an ethical dilemma: that of your privacy versus the knowledge that Microsoft's copyrights are being violated. This is why we engaged with Microsoft to highlight the problems and solve them.

  • Microsoft is willing to assist with the following:
    • Determining the state of operating systems, that is, whether you are using the latest upgrades
    • Differentiating between legal and illegal software
    • Making upgrades for legal software available from the Internet

    Should Microsoft find that you are using unlicensed software, it will not take action against you but will provide a facility for you to legalise your software.